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Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch - Cows
cows, beautiful cows - July 2012
My parents stumbled upon Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch on one of their many Sunday drives out in the country. The Ranch is home to some of the finest Bison and Elk that are key elements to "Rocky Mountain cuisine", which was created in the restaurants founded by the O'Connor family.

Mom couldn't wait to show Roger what some of our wildlife look like, and what a Canadian calls a "Buffalo" when we arrived. The term Buffalo is actually a misnomer as Bison aren't even related to a true Buffalo. Silly North American settlers.... Speaking of animal misnomers, we also call a Pronghorn Antelope an Antelope, and it is also not related to the Antelope family. Double silly....

Back to CRMR! We ended up heading there on the way back from a beautiful walk down by the Elbow River at Paddy Flats. The very knowledgeable manager gave us a quick little history lesson on Bison and game farming, and then let us take a walk around to check out the animals. Bison, Elk and Cows.. oh my! It was a truly Canadian experience for Roger. We bought some Bison steaks and my dad cooked them up for dinner. The steaks were absolutely delicious, and I am not much of a red meat eater.

From what I understand on their website they provide game meat to three Canadian Rocky Mountain Resort lodges, as well as Cilantro, Divino and The Ranche in Calgary. If you want some delicious, natural, humane and sustainably produced meat, or if you just want to see some beautiful animals - go check them out.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch - Bison
Bison - July 2012
Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch - Charlotte Senini
My Family at Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch - July 2012

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