Cortes Island

Charlotte Senini - Cortes island

Cortes Island is one of the discovery islands that are situated in the northern end of the Gulf of Georgia. To get there from Vancouver Island, you can take a ten minute ferry ride from Campbell River to Quadra Island. Once you are on Quadra Island, you drive across the island and then catch another ferry on the other side that takes you to Cortes.

My familia and I have camped on Cortes Island almost every summer of my life. To go even further back, my mom also camped there when she was a child. Every year we try to score the perfect corner of the overflow campground in Smelt Bay. From there we spend our time laying on the beach, digging for clams, picking blackberries, going for long walks, playing bocce in the field, cooking up delicious camping food (this year even included a blackberry pie over the fire), going on day boating trips through desolation sound, swimming in Hague Lake and mingling with the always interesting locals of Cortes.

This year, I was so happy to have Roger here to finally experience Cortes with me. I was so excited to share this little piece of canadian paradise with him. He instantly fell in love, and our plans of returning there soon are already in the works. Kayak trip anyone?

Charlotte Senini - Cortes island Summer 2012
Cortes Island, Summer 2012

Cortes Island is one of my favourite places on the west coast of Canada. Everyone who knows the west coast has their own special spot, and this is definitely where my family has found theirs.

Charlotte Senini - Cortes island Summer 1986
My Dad, Uncle Rod, Mom & I - July 1986 - Cortes Island

Charlotte Senini - Cortes island Summer 1990
Sunset, Cortes Island - August 1990

Charlotte Senini - Cortes island Summer 1990
August 1990 - Cortes Island

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