My Parents Backyard

Charlotte Senini - Parents backyard
My parents garden has always been their pride and joy. As soon as spring gets near that is where you will find them both working their asses off day after day, planting new flowers, pulling out weeds or making new rock pathways. When my parents return from the island every summer, they don't even set foot in the house before they have checked out what has changed over the summer - what has grown and what has died.

After twenty seven years of living in our house, I can safely say that this garden is something pretty special. I have many great memories in this backyard with my family and definitely a few great parties have been had there with my friends. You can't help but be in a great mood as you sit on their deck drinking a beer, or reading your book.

Charlotte Senini - Parents backyard
her favourite place, doing her favourite thing.
Charlotte Senini - Parents backyard

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