Protection Island

I have been M.I.A. from the internet world for over a month due to spending time on Vancouver Island with my parentals & Roger. Sentimentally known as "the island" to me, Vancouver Island is where my parents were born, where my extended family lives and where I have spent basically every Canadian summer of my life.

Protection Island Photographs
Protection Island is a little island right in the harbour of Nanaimo where we have rented various cabins since I was around the age of three. Most of my summer childhood memories are based on the beaches of this place.

This summer after spending time in Calgary, we headed straight to Protection Island with my parents to stay at a cabin my parents have been renting for over seven years now on Smugglers beach. Fun fact: Frank Ney, who was the mayor of Nanaimo for twenty years and was well known for dressing up like a pirate, purchased and subdivided Protection Island in nineteen sixty and sold it under a pirate-promotion theme. Because of this, all the streets, parks, beachs are in this theme ( ie. Captain Morgans Boulevard, Pirates Lane, Smugglers Park, etc).

Roger Mortlock and Charlotte Senini on Protection Island B.C.
Roger and I enjoying a beer while barbequing on Protection Island, B.C.

We spent two whole weeks here walking, boating, crabbing, kayaking, eating, drinking, bath-tubbing ( see Nanaimo Bathrub Race), more walking & spending time with my familia. I wouldn't necessarily say that Protection Island is a must see visit for tourists, but if you find a perfect little cabin on the beach to rent, it is a perfect getaway. This place definitely has its magical moments.


  1. So many fantastic memories from this place - summer wouldn't have been the same without Protection Island. xoxo

  2. Sounds like a fab summer for the Senini Clan!


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