mental ramblings of a 31 year old "know it all"

Sometimes you feel like you just need to sit down and write... I usually do this in my journal, but then sometimes, just sometimes, maybe you also want to be heard? pffft.. that line just rolled off so smoothly, I am so hipster it hurts.

 31 years old... over 7 years in South Africa... and what has changed about me? I honestly would love to know - perhaps someone else can tell me? I feel exactly the same, but then so many elements of my life have changed so drastically, so how-the-hell can I be the same person? Has my mind changed? Do I think differently? Do I react differently to situations? and in the same breath - does any of that really matter?

For me, growing and learning, has always been the most important part of life. Filling my brain with knowledge and general understanding, has always been my goal. That doesn't necessary mean I want to be "smarter" or "more intelligent", more so that when I learn about something new/meet someone new - I want to know more and understand more about said "new". When I travel somewhere, I want to fill my brain with facts about that place, and make sure to go to all the important places so that I "know" and hopefully "understand" more about my surroundings.

This all being said, it's actually exhausting sometimes. I really wish, I could just turn off, and enjoy. Stop thinking about what each person is thinking in a room when I am around people, stop planning the next trip, googling, reading and prying. Just sit back and soak in the knowledge and understanding, without seeking. So what has changed about me? Probably nothing... but I am trying to be a more relaxed me - a less "know-it-all" version of me. I'm working on it. 

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