dōmo arigatō misutā Robotto

Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto.
Thank you very much South Africa.

I think this is a perfect way to start my blog - a thanks for all the good times, great people and many adventures (with many more to come). I am starting this blog to share all the exciting experiences I have had in this beautiful country... and of course the not so great experiences too. I have met amazing people, seen amazing art, eaten delicious food and had TOO much fabulous wine - so this blog will also be a place for me to share all these FANTASTICAL things. Stay tuned. I will try my hardest to keep you somewhat entertained.


  1. Congratulations on the beautiful new blog. So excited to hear your stories! Thank YOU for these gorgeous images, can't wait to hear about all the things you've seen and done. Lots of love! (ps, now i want pie...)

  2. Thanks Chelsea! I also really want pie now...


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