Is it strange that I decided to do my first post on Avocados?.. probably. I know they aren't indigenous to here, they are actually from Mexico where I probably had my first avocado when I was young. However, when I think of avocados, I think of here. Maybe because Roger grows them here? and I did live on the farm for a while? Maybe!

I LOVE Avocados. Avocados in salad, avocados on toast, just plain-ol-avo with salt, pepper and lemon juice. They are fantastic... except they may possibly be the cause of my weight gain?

Avocados clockwise: Dunstan farm sign | sushi | Edranol cultivar | the farm | avocado-on-toast | Roger | avo on fresh bread | Hass cultivar

I love food! I love FRESH food, and a huge part of what makes me enjoy South Africa is how accessible fresh food is. From Roger growing fresh fruit & vegetables on the farm, to buying meat at the local butcher, to buying butternut squash on the side of the road - the fresh local options are endless. My tastebuds are satisfied!


  1. Love your new blog! I too love fresh food, off to the crossroads market today with Marley to get some wonderful locally grown potatoes and carrots!!

    1. Yum! Can't wait to head to the Crossroads market.


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