the secret spot

Just before New Years 2010, I arrived back in South Africa after a semester at home and Christmas with my parents in Calgary. Roger being the smoothy that he is, decided to take me for a flip in the helicopter (he was still doing his license at this point, so he still had hours he needed to acquire in a chopper - the luxury of flying where we want to fly, is no longer). We found this absolutely magical spot on the river where we spent the day swimming, eating and getting ridiculous sunburnt (do you see a theme here?).

Flash forward to this year January. Roger and I decided one saturday that we HAD to find this spot via car. We played around on google maps, and found the sweet spot. We packed some beers, along with Gareth & Meyer into the back seat of the bakkie and off we went.

After driving through pine plantation after pine plantation and finally hiking down into a valley, we found it! Pure paradise. Location: our secret spot. We spent the entire day swimming down the crystal clear river, completely alone - just us and nature. Our little piece of river paradise.

side note: I can't wait to be swimming in the Nanaimo river with my familia in 2 weeks time!

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